Over the past  2 years, the Bishop Hill Heritage Association has been taking high resolution photographs of some of our most important Bishop Hill Colony documents that we have in our archives, for preservation purposes.  Bishop Hill was a religious communal colony started by Swedish immigrants in 1846;  today, Bishop Hill is a state historic site and national historic landmark.  The BHHA is now ready to provide some of the photographs for research purposes.  A general listing of what photographed materials are available for research is located at  http://bishophillheritage.org/about/archival-items/  If there is something that interest you, please go to  http://bishophillheritage.org/about/archival-items/ ,  to learn more about the proper procedures, regulations, costs, etc. for requesting these items.

The BHHA has materials not only on Bishop Hill Colony life, but also on the Civil War, 19th century rural living, businesses, and more.  We hope that this project will increase scholarly interest in the fascinating history of Bishop Hill.  If you could please notify people and organizations who you think might be interested in some of these research materials, we would appreciate it.  If you have any questions, please contact me.