Our two main museums are the 1854 Steeple Building and the 1908 Albert Krans Livery Stable.


1854 Steeple Building

It was originally built for use as a hotel but instead was used as a dwelling, school, and an administration building. Later on, it housed a bank, telephone systems switchboard, and apartments. Currently, it is the administrative office, main museum, and archive for the BHHA.


1908 Albert Krans Livery Stable

Peter Albert Krans operated this stable in the early 20th century. This building was most likely used to hold the carriages and tack (horse equipment) of Bishop Hill with the horses housed at another location. Albert’s uncle was the famous painter Olof Krans. Olof painted the first sign above the stable entrance. Currently, it is as a museum of horse- related items from the early 1900’s.


Following is a downloadable pdf that shows which museums and buildings are handicapped accessible in Bishop Hill:  Bishop Hill Accessibility Map 7-1-15_opt