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Patt & Possum appearing during Jordbruksdgarna!!!

Patt & Possum (Patt Plunkett and Charlie Walden) will be performing Saturday September 28 from 1 to 3 p.m…. Read more »

Johan Johansson performing at Jordbruksdagarna!!!

On Saturday September 28 at noon between the Carpenter Building and the Steeple Building, Johan Johansson, a songwriter and… Read more »

Craft Demonstrations at Ag Days

Each day of Jordbruksdagarna, there will be a variety of craft demonstration in the village park on the east… Read more »

Jordbruksdagarna Vendors

Jordbruksdagarna is not just located in the park but all over Bishop Hill. On Christina Street, located between the… Read more »

During Jordbrukdagarna, don’t forget about the Spets Stuga on the north side of town

The Spets Stuga is a children playhouse with a pioneer theme, located at 404 North Erickson Street in Bishop… Read more »

Petting Zoo

During Jordbruksdagarna on September 28 and 29, the Burns Booster 4-H Club will host a petting zoo from 10… Read more »

Children’s Games at Jordbruksdagarna

Old-fashioned children’s games will be conducted in the park at 2 p.m. each day during Jordbruksdagarna. Small pumpkins will… Read more »

Summary of 2019 Jordbruksdagarna Schedule

You don’t have to say “Jordbruksdagarna” to know what it means: food, music, dancing, games, crafts, and many more… Read more »

Family fun activities at the Bjorklund Hotel

During Jordbruksdagarna, at the Bjorklund Hotel from noon to 4 p.m. each day, there will be demonstrations on how… Read more »

DIY Photo Booth at Jordbruksdagarna

Once again during Jordbruksdagarna on September 28 and 29, there will be a DIY Photo Booth at Peasant Works…. Read more »