A great many people volunteer their time and expertise to make all our BHHA programs possible. During the course of the year, the Heritage will be recognizing some of these individuals. At this time, I would like to recognize one dedicated group of volunteers, the BHHA Board. All year round, this unsung group work on festival, exhibits, building repairs, landscaping, and a host of other activities that the public does not see. The members of this year’s board are Kerstin Lane, Bette Themanson, Cheryl Dowell, Vicki Massie, Deni Menken, Vicki Rabas, Bill Owens, James Asplund, Warren Schulz, Lou Lourdeau, Jane Tornquist, Bill Craig, Mary Bjorling, and Jean Combites. I know that I could not do my job as BHHA Administrator without their help. So thank you BHHA Board for all your assistance in keeping the history of Bishop Hill alive!


Todd DeDecker, BHHA Administrator