On Aug. 22, 2020, from 1 to 4 p.m. on the porch of the Steeple Building Museum in historic Bishop Hill, Illinois, author Lilly Setterdahl will be having a book signing. The featured book is Swedish-American Portraits 1972-1994: Photographed by Lennart Setterdahl. Released on August 1, 2020. The text was by Lilly Setterdahl and book design was done by Stephan Setterdahl. The black and white portraits in this book show Swedish Americans as they appeared in daily life at the time they were interviewed. Their faces give a candid, honest, and genuine glimpse of hardworking individuals, most of them at retirement age. The photos were taken in 20 different states, with Minnesota, Illinois, and Nebraska having the largest representation. The landscapes and small post-office buildings show a disappearing small-town America.

Lilly has 54 works in 73 publications in 2 languages deposited in 407 libraries to her credit. This is her 19th nonfiction book about Swedish America. She is also a novelist. Other books by the same author will be available at the signing, as for instance, Documenting America’s Swedish Immigrants, which describes Lennart and Lilly Setterdahl’s travels across the United States and into Canada to preserve documents and memories of the Swedish ethnic group.