On Tuesday June 20th, the Oskar Stenmark Trio will be performing at the Dairy Building in Bishop Hill, IL at 7 p.m. Founded by Swedish musician Oskar Stenmark, the trio explores the music of Stenmark’s ancestors. Their repertoire consists of polkas, walking tunes, and waltzes, music that has been played in Dalarna for several hundred years, but with a modern day jazz interpretation using the flugelhorn, double bass, and keyboard. This concert is free and open to the public, due to funding from the American-Scandinavian Foundation and the Bishop Hill Heritage Association. The Dairy Building is located at 410 North Erickson Street. Call 309 927-3899 or email bhha@mymctc.net for more details.

The Oskar Stenmark Trio was formed in 2012 with the goal of exploring the music of Gärdebyn, Rättvik, and Dalarna. Oskar Stenmark plays the flugelhorn; Lars Ekman plays the double bass; Alex Pryrodny plays the piano. Oskar’s great-grandfather, Hans, and his brother Olle Börjes, were both highly regarded fiddlers who played during dances, weddings, and other celebrations. Oskar’s father recorded the fiddle music with his tape recorder in the 1960’s. These recordings provide the inspiration for the group. The Oskar Stenmark Trio brings this music from past to present and into the future.