The Bishop Hill Heritage Association wishes to thank the Black Hawk East College Agriculture Department for donating their time and expertise to create an historical garden. This past spring, Professor Andrew Larson, his colleagues, and his students planted tomatoes, sweet corn, sorghum, broom corn, flax, and other crops on the BHHA lot next to the 1908 Albert Krans Livery Stable museum.  During the course of the hot spring and summer, they watered and cared for the plot.  By late summer, a bumper crop was produced.  Professor Larson and his class graciously donated this crop to the Bishop Hill Heritage Association.  Throughout the summer, we have received many compliments about the appearance of the garden and the quality of the produce.  The harvest from this garden has been used for various fundraising projects that has helped fund a variety of activities here in Bishop Hill.

Broom corn, sorghum, and flax were all important agricultural products in early Bishop Hill Colony history. Having a garden with these historic crops greatly added to the overall atmosphere of Bishop Hill.  We greatly appreciate all of the hard work that went into producing this beautiful garden.


Todd DeDecker, BHHA Administrator