Today, we honor long-time BHHA Board Member Morris Nelson.  The following is his autobiography from the 2013 BHHA Annual Report:

The son of a Swedish immigrant and 100% Swedish, Morris lives on the former Colony farm of New Providence. Besides farming livestock and/or grain his whole life, he spent 36 years with the Farm Bureau at the county, state, and national level. This led to work on corporate boards, including that of Prairie Farms Dairy, named by Fortune Magazine as one of the 500 best-managed companies in the country, and Growmark, currently the largest farm co-operative in the state. Along the way, Morris was appointed to state positions, established a trust company, registered as a lobbyist, and worked as a consultant for the Illinois EPA. When he retired in 1985, he resigned from 17 boards and immediately began serving on the BHHA board, including two terms as president.