Reunited in Bishop Hill –
November 16, 2019
At Upplandsmuseet, S 1 Erikstorg 10, Uppsala, Sweden
2–3.30 p.m.

The film Reunited in Bishop Hill with Hans Rosling follows Hans Rosling as he is reunited with relatives in the former Swedish utopian colony of Bishop Hill, Illinois, USA. Rosling learns more about these immigrants’ lives and their fate. The film not only explores the story of how the families are reunited but is also a commentary on migration today.

After the film there will be a roundtable discussion about family connections, migration and the Bishop Hill colony. The discussion is led by Tobias Svanelid from Swedish Radio.

Anna Rosling Larsson, daughter of Hans Rosling, senior lecturer at the Department of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University.
Janene Lourdeau, relative in Bishop Hill and cast in the film.
Martha Ray, relative in Bishop Hill and cast in the film.
Harald Runblom, professor emeritus in History and representative from The Bishop Hill Society.
Iréne Flygare, associate professor in Agrarian history.

Photograph of Hans Rosling and Martha Ray courtesy of Lou Lourdeau.