The BHHA is collecting theme ideas for the 2014 Calendar.  Past ones have been buildings and group shots.  What do you want the theme to be for next year’s calendar?  Give us your ideas in the comment section of this post.  Thanks for your help!

2 Responses to “Looking for Theme Ideas for the 2014 Bishop Hill Calendar!”

  1. David Johnston

    Glad to hear that a 2014 calendar is under consideration. I always enjoyed the ones that Mike Wendel put together.

    As for ideas for next year, here are a few:

    1. modes of transportation: foot, horse, mule, cart, wagon, buggy, boat (was the Edwards ever navigable?), Model T, train

    2. all trains–a lot of folks would like that. use some of the photos from the current exhibit in the Steeple Building.

    3. Old Brick and other structures lost to time, fire, and other things. Interior shots would be great.

    4. Photos from the “recent”past, say the 1950s when Bishop Hill was becoming aware of the need for concerted historic preservation; a time when people were still living in the Steeple and Dairy buildings.

  2. Cathy Foes

    Idea for consideration is what made Bishop Hill what it is today – the people doing activities. The float with the woman manning the pump was fascinating, brick making, the ancestors made Bishop Hill and still do!