Sunday, October 5, the Scandinavian five piece band Ljom (pronounced “Yoom”) will be performing at the Dairy Building at 7 p.m. Basing their music on old vocal melodies used on mountain farms along the Norwegian-Swedish border, this band has created a unique contemporary sound.  For more information about this band, check out their website at

During Ljom’s intermission, BHHA’s very own Dairy Maids will be performing their skit, “Bow to the Cow.” Three Dairy Maids tell through dialogue, Bishop Hill Colony history with emphasis on the importance of the Dairy Maids’ role in the forming of the Colony.  To provide the necessary dairy products for existence in the early days of the commune, responsible young ladies were chosen to care for the cow herds and to turn out the needs for the Colonists in fresh milk, butter, cheese, whey butter.  The Dairy Maid performers enjoy gossip, giggles, and gags that will entertain people of all ages.

This free performance of Ljom and the Dairy Maids is sponsored by the Bishop Hill Heritage Association and the Illinois Arts Council.  The Dairy Building is located at 410 North Erickson Street, on the north end of Bishop Hill.  For more details, call 309 927-3899 or look online at