The BHHA currently owns and maintains 5 Colony buildings. In the past decade or so, the Heritage has done major restoration projects on all of these buildings. However, once the major project is done, there is always yearly maintenance to keep these pre-Civil War buildings in great shape.

For example, we are replacing 4 first floor window sills on the Dairy Building and the Blacksmith Ship that have deteriorated. We are using walnut for these replacement window sills, which is not normally used in modern day construction but was using during the Colony times. As with all our restoration work, the BHHA strives to be as historically accurate as possible.

The work is being done by Triangle Construction, located in Cambridge, IL. This window sill work would not be possible without memberships, donations, grants, and other funding. Thank you all for your support! Photographs of the work currently being done at the Dairy Building is shown below.