Many years from now, historians will rely on newspaper accounts, government press briefings, institutional announcements and an array of statistics in an effort to piece together how society responded during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. But stories of everyday life are particularly hard to collect, especially in this age of social media. So the BHHA is asking its members to share their experiences and help us record this slice of history for future generations. Depending on the number of responses received, we hope to make an online exhibit that would be published this winter or next year. So by answering and emailing back your responses to the below questions, you will be granting permission to the BHHA to use your submitted material for the following purposes only:

Public Research
Educational or informational presentations
Marketing and promotional use
The questions about your experience with the 2020 pandemic are as follows:

First and Last Name of Person sharing the experiences
City and state where you live
How has your daily life been affected?
What kind of behavior changes have you notice as a result of concerns over the virus?
In what ways have you been personally affected as a student, employee, professional, teacher, medical worker, business owner, etc.?
If you had to continue working onsite at your job, what changes did you make to your workday?
Have you experienced a significant life event since this began? A birthday, anniversary, birth, death, graduation, wedding, etc.? Tell us about how the pandemic affected this experience?
How do you think life will or will not be the same after we emerge from the pandemic?
Can you share any uplifting stories that you have been a part of, such as neighbors helping neighbors or complete strangers going out of their way for one another?
What has surprised you the most about this event?
We welcome photos that depict the effects this event has had on you and/or the community – especially the creative ways in which your family is adapting at home. Please attached one photo with a caption, to your email.
If you decide to participate, please provide your responses and photo back in an separate email to . You do not have to answer all the questions. If a minor is answering these questions, parental permission must be provided.