Minneapolis-based string duo The OK Factor and award-winning Swedish quintet Jaerv will give a workshop in traditional Scandinavian folk music playing and singing (and perhaps dancing as well!). Bring your instrument! This FREE 2- hour workshop will start at 1 p.m. at the Dairy Building in Bishop Hill, IL. The Dairy Building is located at 410 North Erickson Street. For more details, contact the BHHA at 309 927-3899 or at bhha@mymctc.net.

They first met in 2017 when The OK Factor opened for Jaerv at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Finding much in common, they stayed in touch and are now starting their second US tour. Both groups are inspired by classical, folk, and pop music.

Jaerv is a Swedish quintet that presents an energetic take on traditional music with jazz and pop influences. The group is made of members Joel Hagen, Markus Gustavsson, Tobias Hedlund (not part of the January 2024 US-tour) , Harald Nilsson, and Anders Bergsten. Collectively the quintet performs with instruments like flute, fiddle, pump organ, nyckelharpa, and vocals.

The OK Factor is the duo of cellist Olivia Diercks and violinist Karla Colahan. They celebrate a decade of writing, performing, and touring. They share their love of music throughout communities by hosting outreach activities and workshop.