2018 Conference Theme: “Migration and movement.”


Historic Bishop Hill Conference Call for Papers – 5/15/18


OCTOBER 4-6, 2018
Historic Bishop Hill, Illinois.

The 2018 Communal Studies Conference will be held at Historic Bishop Hill, Illinois, on October 4-6, 2018.

THE THEME:  Migration and movement have played a large role in the history of many communal
societies. The reasons for moving, its impact on group membership and organization,
and its effects on group leadership are among the factors that influenced how these
communities changed and adapted over the years. For this conference, we invite
submissions of papers showing how communal societies, past and present, have been
impacted by the experience of migration and movement. We also, as usual, invite
paper submissions or panel discussions on other subjects relevant to the study of
intentional communities.


About the Communal Studies Association

The Communal Studies Association is an interdisciplinary organization for people living in intentional communities, historic site personnel and academics representing topics including history, anthropology, religious studies, sociology, political science, and others. Each year, the CSA’s annual conference is held at the site of an historic intentional community.