The Bishop Hill Heritage Association is conducting a fundraiser to raise money for the 1851 Carpenter Shop Exterior Restoration Project. Furniture, wagons, plow frames, cultivators, and farm accessories were once built in this historic structure. The BHHA is planning to restore the exterior of the Carpenter Shop to the way it was in 1851, by removing the plaster that was later applied to the lower level bricks. In addition, many windows need extensive repair or even replacement, and the entire structure needs to be tuck-pointed.

To raise funding for all these expensive repairs, the BHHA has been seeking grants from foundations. But, with this fundraiser, we are also asking for help from the general public. By sponsoring a hod of bricks for $200 or sponsoring a window for $500, you can help us preserve one of the oldest remaining Bishop Hill Colony brick buildings. Besides helping us to preserve a part of U.S. and Swedish history, the BHHA is a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible.  The following pdf list the donors who have sponsored a hod of bricks or a window so far:  Donors Board 9-15-17 . For more information about this fundraiser and how you can help save the Carpenter Shop, please call 309 927-3899 or email