During Julmarknad (Christmas Market), author Lilly Setterdahl will be having a book signing at the Steeple Building Museum from 11 a.m.. to 2 p.m. on Saturday December 4. Lilly has 54 fiction and non-fiction works in 73 publications in 2 languages deposited in 407 libraries to her credit. One of her latest books is Bishop Hill Reframed, which is a description of the Bishop Hill Colony. Following is one review of this non-fiction book:

“I just finished reading Lilly’s remarkable book, filled with extensive research, actual interviews, anecdotal stories, letters, and pertinent photos!! Amazing! I scanned through the Civil War section but read the letters written by the servicemen. Altogether, the history of Bishop Hill Colony was made more real, an honest story of the life & struggles of those early immigrants from Sweden. Now I want to go to Bishop Hill!”
Jean Larson

When you come to Bishop Hill, IL for Julmarknad, please stop by the Steeple Building Museum and visit author Lilly Setterdahl.