During the 2022 Jordbruksdagarna, Lilly Setterdahl will be having a book signing on the porch of the Steeple Building from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday September 24 only. After many previous books, Lilly Setterdahl has turned to another topic and authored the ultimate Swedish crime story. Just as Sweden appears in the national news, the publisher Nordstjernan releases the timely thought-provoking cyber thriller, UNTIL THE LIGHTS COME BACK ON, by Lilly Setterdahl. A hacker has cut the electric power to Sweden in the month of October. The protagonist works hard to destroy the hacker’s code until the hacker puts a stop to it. No one can imagine what the perpetrator plans to do next. One reviewer promises that that the book will keep “readers to the edges of their seats in suspense.”
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