The BHHA is proud to announce that it has recently received funding of 200,000 Kronor (approximately $24,551) from the King Gustaf VI Adolf’s Fund for Swedish Culture in Sweden. This foundation gives funding tor Swedish humanities, research, and preservation projects. This grant money will be used for the 1851 Carpenter Shop Exterior Restoration Project.

In addition, the BHHA has received $5,000 from the Verdandi Lodge #3, I.O.S., located in Chicago, IL. Each year, the Verdandi Lodge, #3 donate money to projects that promote and preserve Scandinavian heritage, culture, and education. This money will also be used for the Carpenter Shop project.

The 1851 Carpenter Shop is one of the oldest brick structures remaining from Bishop Hill Colony times. In the 1850’s, Colony carpenters made furniture and wagon components in this building. The second floor also contained a paint shop, used for painting the Colony-made furniture and wagons. Today, the town post office and a gift shop are located in this historic structure. The Carpenter Shop Exterior Restoration Project will not only return this building to its original historic form, but will make it structurally sound for decades to come.

The BHHA is very thankful for all the generous support given by the King Gustaf VI Adolf’s Fund for Swedish Culture and Verdandi Lodge #3, I.O.S. However, more funding is still needed for the Carpenter Shop project. If you wish to help, please call the BHHA at 309 927-3899 or email