2021 is the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Bishop Hill Colony.  To celebrate this anniversary, the Bishop Hill Heritage Association is organizing a variety of lectures, concerts, workshops, and festivals to teach the public about our Swedish, immigrant, and rural roots.  Various foundations have generously donated funding towards these activities.  The BHHA is pleased to announce that the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency, has provided a grant of $13,700 to support ethnic and folk arts programming for 2021.  In addition, the Verdandi Lodge #3, I.O.S. of Chicago IL has gifted $15,700 to the Heritage.  This funding will be used to support a variety of BHHA operations in support of the 175th anniversary. 

The Bishop Hill Heritage Association thanks the IACA and the Verdandi Lodge for generously supporting the BHHA.  These funds will be used to preserve the unique history and heritage of Bishop Hill.  To learn more about Bishop Hill and our 175th anniversary, please contact the Heritage at www.bishophillheritage.org, bhha@mymctc.net or 309 927-3899.