We hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend.  Due to several conversations we have had with individuals, we would like to take a moment to talk with you about COVID-19 and the BHHA.  Like many organizations around the nation, the pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the BHHA.     Due to the Illinois stay at home order,  we had to close our museums, cancel/reschedule events, and restrict the Colony Store to online and phone orders for mail delivery and curbside service.  Consequentially, we are losing museum admissions, rental income, event income, and store sales.  These funds are used to cover operating expenses such as salaries, utilities, insurance, and basic building maintenance, among other things.  With the BHHA currently managing 9 buildings in Bishop Hill (5 of them Colony Buildings), you can imagine what our normal operating expenses are like.  We have cut expenses , where possible, but that action can only do so much.   We have been asked by several people about what they can do to help.  Several suggestions are listed below:

  • Maintain your BHHA membership.  Membership is one of the sources of income that we used to cover operating expenses.
  • When appropriate, encourage other people to become members of the Heritage. A membership brochure is shown below or you can sign up online at https://bishophillheritage.org/contribute/membership/.
  • When possible, please shop online at our Colony Store at https://www.bishophillcolonystoreb.com/.  The Colony Store is the BHHA’s gift shop, so proceeds from the store partially cover the operating expenses of the Heritage.  If online shopping is not your cup of tea, please call the Store to order at 309 927-3596
  • When travel restrictions are loosened or lifted, please return to Bishop Hill.  Visit our museums, eat at our restaurants, and shop at our stores. 
  • Donations are welcomed, as well. Donations can be mailed to the BHHA, PO Box 92, Bishop Hill, IL 61419. Donations can also be done online at https://bishophillheritage.org/products-pa…/donation/donate/

Thank you one and all so much for your assistance over the years!  With your help, the BHHA and Bishop Hill have grown and prospered.  With your continued support, the BHHA will survived this pandemic and continue to help Bishop Hill be a Utopia on the Prairie.