The Bishop Hill Heritage’s acting troop will be performing  “To The Church” at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday May 4 at the Galva Seniors Citizen Center in Galva, IL.  This 25 minute performance is free and open to the public.

“To The Church” is a skit including documented men and women who were “paired up” at one of the mass marriages in 1848. Eric Janson had placed a ban on marriage in the first years of Colony life at Bishop Hill.  It was a logical ban to make upon arrival of the Swedes to the site of the future Bishop Hill Colony.  There was not enough lodging space for couples to live, causing women and men to live dormitory style in the first living quarters of the dug-outs.  In the time of the year the immigrants arrived, there was limited food supply for those folks, to create more life was not wise.  Thus, the marriage ban that lasted 2 years.

The Colony couples portrayed in the skit and are documented from the mass marriage are: Lars Gustav and Anna Agren  Kihlstrom,; Olof and Brita Pehrsdotter Lind; and Erik Blom and Maria Charlotta Andersdotter who later married Lars Olsson Forsberg.  At the conclusion of the presentation, a life-ending story is given of the couples.