At 2:00 p.m. in the village park, singer Barry Cloyd will portray Carl Sandburg, Illinois Poet Laureate, whose sister taught at the Bishop Hill School.  Barry Cloyd has developed a fascination for the poetry, music (yes, he was a musician) and story of this brilliant man, who from humble beginnings as the son of an illiterate Swedish blacksmith in Galesburg, Illinois, rose to become a two-time Pulitzer prize winner. Known around the world, Sandburg literally defines the essence of American life with his stunning free verse poetry and prose. He also was a serious folk musicologist. This show weaves together Carl Sandburg’s poetry, stories of Lincoln and American folksongs, including some of Cloyd’s original material, to bring to life one of America’s best loved poetic giants. Sandburg’s biographies and his own works are the primary source material. This presentation entertains and educates through story and song while providing broad insight into the values, history, spirit and solid work ethic of his beloved American people and their times.

Barry Cloyd is a Midwestern-based singer/songwriter/guitarist/storyteller who has spent a lifetime creating a performance style that weaves the genres of folk, blues, roots, and celtic music into a unique blend all his own.  A strong vocalist and multi-instrumentalist as well as a theatrical performer, Barry delivers his music on a multitude of guitars and other stringed instruments. His stories of travels, history of the places he has been and the songs that he sings provide an added dimension to his performances.

For more information about this event and the Chautauqua, please call 309 927-3899 or email This festival is free so please bring your lawn chair and enjoy the show!