This cash register was part of our summertime Rarely Seen Treasures from the Attic exhibit.  It was used at the Colony Store from the 1910 to the mid 1930’s by E.L. Swanson.  The cash register still contains customer receipts from that time period.  A little history about Edward Linnie Swanson is below:

E. L. Swanson was born in Bishop Hill in 1862.  He was the son of Swan and Christine Swanson, Bishop Hill Colony pioneers.  Just like his father before him, E.L. Swanson served as manager of the general store and village postmaster.  For 44 years, Mr. Swanson operated the store and post office, which were located in the current Colony Store.  He also served as village clerk and town mayor.  E.L. Swanson passed away in April, 1932.  After his death, his daughter Evelyn served as town postmaster for 27 years.