This particular artifact was displayed this past summer.  This Kentucky Percussion Rifle was built by John Armstrong of Emmitsburg, Maryland around 1830.  It is 60.5 inches long, with a barrel  42.5 inches long, and with a ramrod 43.25 inches long.  Additional information about the gunsmith is below:

The long rifle or Kentucky rifle was first developed on the American frontier in southeastern Pennsylvania during the early 18th century. It eventually passed out of fashion in the 19th century. Kentucky rifles were used during the American Revolution and the War of 1812.   

John Armstrong’s rifles are considered among the finest of the Kentucky Rifle’s Golden Age, which was from 1790 to 1820.  Following the American Revolution, the nation was glutted with gunsmiths, but short of gun buyers.  To stay in business, a gunsmith had to create superior rifles to attract customers.   

Mr. John Kindig, Jr., one of the leading experts on Kentucky Rifles, stated the following about Armstrong: 

“John Armstrong’s workmanship is magnificent and his designs are just perfection.  I cannot emphasize the beauty of his rifles.”