Looking ahead to 2021, the Heritage is planning some activities to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Bishop Hill Colony.  For example, the BHHA has organized a program series at the Dairy Building about Bishop Hill.  The tentative schedule is as follows:

Date            Presenter/Performer      Topic

April 10       Jon Wagner                    BH Colony overview with emphasis on cultural assimilation

April 24      Lilly Setterdahl               Women in the Bishop Hill Colony

May 22       Doug Dowell                  Forrest Cady

June 5         Carolyn Anderson          Bishop Hill Colony Material Culture

July 10        Chris Vallillo                  Folk Music Concert

August 14   Adam Kaul                     Making and Marketing Heritage: Nostalgia, Dissonance, and Sustainability in Bishop Hill, Illinois

Sept. 18      Brita Butler Wall            Anna Sophia, Eric Janson’s widow

Oct. 23        John Norton                   Eric Janson’s last two letters to Bishop Hill

Nov. 13       Brian “Fox” Ellis            Benjamin Dunn Walsh