The Bishop Hill Chautauqua will occur on August 27 and 28, 2016. Located in the park, storytellers will portray historical figures. This year’s theme is immigration and migration. The tentative schedule is below:


Saturday Aug. 27

10-12 Workshop with Tersi Bendiburg and Brian “Fox” Ellis: Storytelling with Young Children

1:00 Brian “Fox” Ellis: An Irish Immigrant’s Tale

2:15 Recent Immigrant experiences by Souhail Elhouar PhD., Tunisian, Bradley University Professor and Tersi Bendiberg: A Cuban Storyteller

3:30 Sherri Mitchell as Swedish Nightingale Jenny Lind


Sunday  Aug. 28

1:00 Sarah Uthoff as Laura Ingalls Wilder, Western Emmigration

2:15 Local Students Perform!

3:30 Brian “Fox” Ellis as Jonas Olson: One of Bishop Hill’s Founders


For more information, call 309 927-3899 or email