At this time, the Heritage would like to recognize the contributions of our Board.  BHHA Board Members freely donate their time and expertise to keep our historic buildings and events going and growing.  The Board spend countless hours attending meetings, working events, repairing buildings, and completing a host of other tasks to numerous to list.  Thank you for all your contributions.  The 2013 Board Members are Cheryl Dowell, Jim Asplund, Vicki Massie, Bill Owens, Don Loveall, Dr. Robert Johnson, Bob VerHeecke, Vicki Rabas, Warren Schulz, Kerstin Lane, Jeff Goard, John Anderson, Morris Nelson, Deni Menken, Lou Lourdeau, and Jane Tornquist.  Special thanks goes out to Vicki Massie (BHHA treasurer) who spends many extra hours balancing our books, and to Cheryl Dowell (BHHA archivist) who spends many a night answering genealogy research requests.