Bishop Hill’s Lucia Nights Celebration was experienced by many delighted visitors on December 11 and 12. People listened raptly to the live music performances of the Peoria Cooperative Academy Chorale, the Mountain Men, the Rusty Pickup String Band, Jazz on the Side, and Hammer and Pick.  Guests also enjoyed stories of Christmas past, as told by Brian “Fox” Ellis.  The ROWVA High School Chorus caroled from building to building, delighting young and old alike.  Shoppers, diners, and museum guests enjoyed the free cookies and drinks passed out by the Lucia girls.  Visitors were also captivated by the sidewalk luminaries and the candle-lighted windows.  To see photographs of this event, check out our photo gallery or click on

Bishop Hill shops, restaurants, and museums are still open to help with your holiday needs. Call (309) 927-3899 for more information.