This document was displayed in last summer’s Rarely Seen Treasures from the Attic exhibit.  This bill of sale was executed by Vice-Sheriff Christoffer Spak at the 6 February 1770 regular session of the Court for Hammarkinds härad at Mogata Church in Östergötland, concerning the sale to farmhand Anders Hälling of Källtorp farm, Drotthems Parish.  Seller is Capt. Gustaf Gyllencreutz and his wife Beata Magdalena Leijonancker, for the price of 1500 Crowns in copper coinage.

It also has ties to Swedish nobility. The sellers listed on this 1770 bill of sale belonged to one of the oldest Swedish noble families, the Gyllencreutz family.   Gyllencreutz became part of the Swedish nobility in 1594.  They were “introduced” at the House of Nobility in 1625.  Being “introduced” means that the other lords confirmed the noble status of the family.  However, the Gyllencreutz were not titled.  Untitled nobility are ones that did not have a rank such as duke, count, baron, and so on. One of the most famous members of this family is Carl Gustaf Gyllencreutz.  Besides becoming a chief judge, he also helped to create the first Swedish Constitution in 1719.  Captain Gyllencreutz, one of the sellers on this bill of sale, was the grandson of Carl Gustaf Gyllencreutz.